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A Cocktail of Clarity looks at how exploring becoming alcohol free is a choice and shows you how to ditch drinking, embody a new alcohol free identity and find lasting joy in all areas of your life!

In this FREE VIDEO, you get to hear Dupe's story and it will:

- Help you change your perspective when it comes to alcohol
- Reflect on whether alcohol is serving you and decide whether you would like to take a break
- Tell you what alcohol really is
- Give you ideas on how to start your alcohol free journey

At the end of Chapter 1 there are questions for you to ask yourself, as you start the journey and an action to take.

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    Why I Wrote This Book & Why You Should Read This Book

    Introduction to "A Cocktail of Clarity" to encourage you to keep reading if you are questioning your relationship with alcohol and / or curious about being alcohol free.

    My Story

    I share my alcohol journey and what led me to becoming alcohol free.

    Chapter 1: Are You Being Served?

    If you have recently googled "Am I drinking too much?"; "Am I an alcoholic?"; "How do I stop drinking alcohol?", this chapter talks through why you may want to take a break, what alcohol is and isn't, asks questions and gives you an action to take at the end.